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Cross Generational Retirement Strategies

Cross Generational Retirement Strategies Nine Interesting Statistics you can learn from On my drive to work I listen to an AM talk radio/news show daily.  During some recent broadcasts they have been talking about the recent market turmoil and also retirement preparedness.  Many of the usual headlines like ‘Millennials are…

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Changing our strategy on college expenses

Changing our strategy on college expenses Every now and then you need to step back, take in all the surroundings and re-evaluate. I have been evaluating the impact of a lower income on our taxes. Sure there will be the obvious lower taxes. The hidden gem that I dug up…

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Road2Eudemonia – ESI Money Millionaire Interview # 97

Road2Eudeomonia - ESI Money Millionaire Interview # 97 Dateline:  Somewhere in Southeast Texas. Road2Edudemonia bares all in ESIMoney Millionaire Interview # 97. Graphic details will reveal their path to financial independence. Thank you to Mr. ESI.  ESImoney was one of the first money blogs I came across. After reading to…

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