So how did the blog name Road2Eudemonia, or r2e for short, come about and what the heck does Eudemonia mean?

Since I am late in the game of blogging all the really awesome blog names are gone!  I kept plugging in domain names into one of those websites and I kept coming up empty or getting messages that I could buy the name for $5,000!

I then turned to the handy dandy online dictionary and thesaurus.  I plugged in one word items and just started seeing what would pop up.  Contentment, happiness, satisfaction, well-being, wellness, etc.  I saw another common word that I did not recognize. Eudemonia.

As defined by, Eudemonia is a noun that means:

happiness; well-being. 

Aristotelianism. happiness as the result of an active life governed by reason.

It was the second meaning that struck me the most. ‘happiness as the result of an active life governed by reason.’

Those who know me well know that my life has be one of planning.  Ok, I admit that I am probably definitely OCD (Obsessive Compulsive) in my approaches to things.  I would make checklists and use excel to track and compare things.  For vacations I had itineraries scheduled by the hour (until my wife and kids rose up and revolted!).

Our life has been governed by reason and rationale – admittedly in hindsight too much so.  We consider our lives as achieving happiness.  Happiness of course is defined individually so yours will be different than ours.

Our life has been like a road trip.  We have taken many exits and entrances along the way.  We have made wrong turns, followed by learning and understanding.  Some days the miles are short and other days the miles seem like they will not end.

We have a strong foundation of faith, my wife’s has been lifelong and mine was only reshaped and strengthened recently.  We have raised two sons that we are proud of even though not every step of the way was easy.  We have a great family and extended family that all gets along.  We have a great core group of friends that have been there at the high points and supported us during the low points. We live modestly, well within our means while our means are admittedly above average.  I will summarize this later as the phrase Faith, Family, Friends + Finance.

I am risking the ‘searchability’ of the word eudemonia but I confident that good content, word of mouth and links will spread the word.  Of course, I could change the pronunciation of eudemonia.  Currently lists it as “yoo-di-moh-nee-uh.” Since I am blogging about finance I am going to self proclaim a change in the pronunciation to “U-Da-Money-Yeah!” It is proclaimed thus it shall be done.

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