Things that my lawyer (if I could afford one) might have me list.

  1. What is Road2Eudemonia? – This is just a blog that presents information representing personal opinions. This is not a website that is maintained by a multi-million dollar corporation.
  2. Opinionated content – This blog contains my opinions and doesn’t reflect the opinions of any organizations Road2Eudemonia might be affiliated with.
  3. Terms of use – Information provided on Road2Eudemonia is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge, but there may be omissions, errors or mistakes. Give me a break, I am human.
  4. Hold harmless clause – Road2Eudemonia is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only and should not be seen as any kind of advice, such as financial, medical, legal, tax, emotional or other types of advice. If you rely on any information on Road2Eudemonia, you do so at your own risk.
  5. Not a professional – I not a professional. I am not a financial advisor, doctor, medical professional, health professional, tax professional, attorney, engineer, flying trapese artist, etc. I am a beancounter by education though. Information on Road2Eudemonia should not be seen as professional advice.
  6. Reservation of rights – As owner of Road2Eudemonida, I reserve the right to change how this blog is managed, how the blog is run and that I may change the focus or content at any time.
  7. Earnings Notice. This blog may contain advertisements and affiliate links. Hey, a guy has to make some money, right? The ads or links will take you to other websites where you may purchase products/services. This blog could receive revenues when you do this. In the case of affiliate links to products/services, it is my general policy to use the product/service I am linking to. At some point in time I may accept guest postings on this blog for which I may compensate others or I may guest post on other blogs for which I receive compensation (cash, cash equivalents, bartering goats or in-kind contributions). FTC guidelines state that we must disclose that this blog may be compensated through these advertisements, affiliate links or other.
  8. Privacy Statement. The general rule of thumb is that on the internet there is no privacy. This blog does collect email addresses for the exclusive use of communication with voluntary subscribers. The email list will not be sold or shared with any third parties.
  9. Posting Schedule. The plan is to start with a once a week post on a set day (to be determined). The future depends on many things and my Magic 8 Ball is not so clear on the future right now.
  10. Comments on the blog. Unfortunately there are bad people on the innerweb. I reserve the right to delete comments that I have determined to be disrepectful, offensive or generally not productive to the conversation. ANY and ALL links imbedded in comments, to commercial websites or other blogs, may be deleted at my sole discretion.
  11. Blog site security. I have paid to increase the security of this blog site. That is noted by the lock icon and ‘https’ in the url.
  12. Copyright and Trademark. All content on this blog are to be considered trademarked/copyrighted by Road2Eudemonia and cannot be used without permission.
  13. Intellectual Property and copyrighted material. It is NEVER the intent for this blog to beg/borrow/steal things from others. However, if you do come across something that you believe violates this, please, just email me to discuss and it will be resolved.
  14. Fine Print. Just like a child who split hairs. Just because I did not detail it in items 1-13, do not assume you can do it.
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