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10 Things J.P. Just told me

10 Things J.P. just told me I have found myself getting into reading financial and retirement studies that are published pretty often.  I am geeking out and having fun reading through the reports to see what new things I can learn from them. The latest one is a Guide to…

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Debt, Debt, Goose!

Debt, Debt, Goose!Debt is bad.  Debt is good.  It really depends on you.I have a secret.  I am in debt.  I have always used debt in my adult life.  Though I don’t talk about my debt with others.  Most of our decisions on debt have been smart ones, at least…

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Know what an EOB is? You should.

Know what an EOB is? You should. You have all heard the saying, the only certain things in life are death and taxes.  Well, I am going to add healthcare bills to this saying.  Many American’s who have any form of health insurance frankly do not pay attention to the…

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Does a budget really help? Well….It Depends.

Does a budget really help? Well….It Depends. A budget is only as good as the person who is budgeting.  Coming up with a budget is the easy part.  Having the discipline to watch your budget and actually make changes is the challenging part. Back when I submitted my ESI Millionaire…

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