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Welcome to Road2Eudemonia.com (r2e).

r2e is a blog about how my wife and I achieved our Financial Independence (F.I.). We want to share in straight forward language and simple terms how we have achieved our goals.

This blog will also share how we are overcoming significant challenges our family has recently faced from a healthcare perspective.  I have a unique view of being a caregiver as well as a recovering healthcare administrator.  

We are in our early 50’ish years. While we are NOT early retirees yet we could choose to be if we wanted. I always dreamed of being like my father (most sons will say this I think) who retired around age 57 – and this was back in the late 80’s when 57 was considered “early retirement.”

You may have seen many terms and phrases all over the innerweb that are used to explain finance and retirement. F.I. (Financial Independence). F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early). LEAN F.I.R.E. (FIRE on a smaller retirement budget) or FAT F.I.R.E (FIRE on a larger retirement budget. A recent one I saw is F.I.O.R. (Financially Independent Optional Retirement).

Until very recently I was totally oblivious to the blogging world around personal finances. A forced change in my career (read “reorganization” or “streamlining”) offered me the opportunity to do some soul searching. During my search I became acutely aware that I was already living F.I. even though I did not know that term before.

So why would this blog interest you? There are certainly no shortage of finance blogs out there. There are awesome blogs like Mr. Money Mustache or ESI Money or Budgets are Sexy or Think Save Retire to name a few. There are also blogs that get into serious technical discussions like Kitces Nerd’s Eye View.

What I have to offer is the personal story of a down to earth guy, with a down to earth wife, two down to earth sons & two down to earth cats who have achieved F.I. by our early 50’s (really probably around 45 but we just did not recognize it at that time) and are in a position to choose what to do next.

When I was recently on the short end of a company reorganization I was able to choose to change career paths and move into the world of not-for-profits assisting at-risk youth.

We have achieved success by defining our own goals and not worrying about what others are doing. We have raised two sons and had a blast (ups and downs) along the journey. The road has been bumpy along the way. Two company reorganizations and one very scary health related issue my wife is going through (Stage IV cancer).

The blog is intended to be conversational and not to technical. I have found plenty of blogs that cover technical issues very well. When I cover a topic I will cover the topic in such a way that it conveys how we personally handled the situation – and when technical comments are needed I will provide links to people smarter than me. The goal is to ‘humanize’ the topics and not be so technical or clinical.

We hope you enjoy the blog and it helps you in some way.

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