There’s a Bear in them there hills!

There’s a Bear in them there hills! Well, that is what many are proclaiming after a market drop on Christmas Eve 2018. It’s been a long Bull Market run since the last major financial crisis - The Great Financial/Banking Crisis of 2008/2009. Way back then the markets dropped around 30%…

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Bingo is dang serious business!

Bingo is dang serious business! Playing Bingo is an intense activity. Sort of like life when you think about it. Or maybe I overthink things a bit. I took our two sons up to visit Grandma r2e the other day. She lives in the same town as us but her…

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Cross Generational Retirement Strategies

Cross Generational Retirement StrategiesNine Interesting Statistics you can learn fromOn my drive to work I listen to an AM talk radio/news show daily.  During some recent broadcasts they have been talking about the recent market turmoil and also retirement preparedness.  Many of the usual headlines like ‘Millennials are not saving’…

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